A downloadable ICTGameJam

#ICTGameJam Summer 2018

A 2D platformer made during ICT GameJam by team BATTLE SANTA

Work through the treacherous level design while avoiding your past self and gathering plates of spaghetti to make it to the next level!


Arrow keys, left and right = Walk left or right

Space Bar = Short-press for a short jump, Long-press for a higher jump.

Press ENTER to play when at the main menu

TIP: The sides of platforms you can use as a little extra space to jump from!

Have fun!! There's 10 levels before the end title, can you make it there???

Install instructions


Download the executable, double-click to run, and follow the on screen instructions.

NOTE! Windows Defender could block the installation. There's nothing malicious in the files, we promise! Our installer is old and it's security certificates are invalid. Press "More info" then "Run anyway" to get the installer working. Sorry about that!


EattheSpaghettitoForgettiyourRegretti.exe 6 MB

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